Bpi france

Skills and know-how

Savoir Faire Joubert

Integrating various trades to keep total control of our manufacturing process remains a priority for the company:

puce Spinning : Yarn manufacturing, mono and multifilament polypropylene and polyethylene

puce Weaving of flat products, rigid and elastic, highly technical or for mass consumption (high-resistance, electric yarn for fencing, incorporation of logos and designs ...)

puce Twisting : making ropes and rigid cables

puce PVC extrusion for cladding metallic yarn used to manufacture metal hooks and net frames

puce Knitting nets of any type (maintenance, storage compartment, trunk, snow chains ...)

puce Braiding elastic, rigid, flat or round cords

puce Thermoplastic injection for the manufacturing of technical parts

puce Confection – assembly of complete subassemblies by sewing, cutting and ultrasonic welding ...